Pickled Easter Eggplant (Vegetarian)

The special feature of "Little Zen Master" kimchi gboma is that the whole fruit is still soaked in soy sauce fish sauce, accompanied by kimchi made from delicious vegetables. When combining cannons and kimchi of Tieu Thien Su brand, both of them blend together, the crispy flavor of the artillery and the spicy and spicy, fragrant, stimulating the taste and increasing the deliciousness for Every dish when enjoying along. Especially salty vegetarian can be used.


gboma (55%), Water, sugar, vegetarian fish sauce (water, soy, salt = 10%), chili (7%), vinegar, flavor enhancer (Mono Natri Glutamate -621), preservative (Natri Benzoate -221).

User guide:

Serve with rice, vermicelli and raw vegetables, or served with boiled meat and melon. Both salty and vegan can be used.

Quality criteria:

Table salt (NaCl) <100g / l. Total nitrogen> 1g / l.


Store in a dry place and avoid sunlight.

Net weight: